Looking Forward
Looking Backward
Obamacare Myths & Truth

The Premise

Obamacare has upended many aspects of a mostly working health care and Health Financing system. Taxpayers, consumers, employers and health care providers are just beginning to see the overwhelming damage being done to this industry. Alternatively, the industry could have been motivated to deal with the problems that have plagued the system through carefully considered and staged "incremental reforms" over a number of years.

As was obvious to those who were able to take in the 2,000 pages of law that made up Obamacare's "comprehensive" reform model, it will have to be replaced before it completely ruins the parts of the US health system that work, while at the same time, doing little to improve the areas that needed attention.

We are three retired industry veterans, each with a different area of expertise, who are drawing from that experience to suggest how to fix the misguided aspects of the law and move it toward a more market oriented, practical and effective approach. With better, more insightful consumer choices, tax policies, coverage considerations, care delivery incentives, fair subsidies for lower income purchasers, health care reform can be made to work once again. But in its current form Obamacare simply cannot.